June 23, 2024

5 interesting Polish proptech solutions

The Polish proptech industry is developing very dynamically. Smart offices, hotels and apartments for rentóterm deposits are becoming popular not only among young peopleóThe new generation of smart buildings is a response to the requirements of the modern culture, which is characterized byów. Sensors, meters, smart locks – Recently on the domestic market appeared a number ofósystemóin whichóProptech is the world’s leading provider of real estate technology that automates and improves the comfort of commercial spaces.

In this article we describe 5 interesting solutions for whichóre worth paying attention toópay attention. What they doóThe consultant’s opinion was that the parents were using inappropriate parenting strategies? Above all – innovativeness, versatility of application (for home and business) and relatively low próg of entry.

Proptech is the real estate technology thatóThe goal is to simplify operations and optimize processesóin industries connected with renting apartments, apartments, etcóin or offices. Móto put it in a more illustrative way – It’s about creating innovative, intelligent and multifunctional buildingsóThere is, however, a simple wayóthey serve bothóIt is a major problem for both the staff responsible for managing and the users of these spaces.

Proptech in a sense can cfóThe system can be compared to a smart home, however, in principle, it is not necessary to have a smart homeóThe scale of deployment differs. Solutions “smart homeów”, in whichóThe application can be used to turn on the washing machine, make ourselves a cup of coffee, dim the lights or turn up the heating, in proptech it will concern not just one house but the whole building. The areas in which the system is operating will also be differentóWe use these technologies, which results from the specificity and purpose of office buildingsóin or block of flatsóThe sound level of a rental apartment can be measured in decibels (dB)ótkoterminowy.

Just as in the smart home world we don’t have to look for the TV remote control, in the real world the proptech building manager doesn’t have to look after everything on his own, climbing kilometers of stairsów or arriving at each notification of their tenantsów. It doesn’t have to, because it has “remote control” to control all key parameters. And going even further – most of the processóThe locking process takes place automatically, based on predefined scenarios or artificial intelligence, whichóra on a regular basis learns the habitóinhabitantsów.

Noise monitoring, alarms, key fobs – what polish proptech offers?

Despite the fact that new technologies are entering other areas of our life and work at a dizzying pace, the Polish construction industry looks rather poor against this background. For most buildingsóin whichóAlthough we are surrounded by a lot of people, the peak of technological development is still the intercom. This does not mean, however, that modern and innovative proptech solutions are not being developed on the domestic market. On the contrary – As we mentioned at the beginning, this industry is developing very dynamically, and the proposed solutions are more and more eagerly used by the customersóIt is designed for both large companies and smaller businesses.

Noise monitoring, smart lock, energy meter, alarm and post office box – Here are our favourites in the list of the most interesting Polish productsóin the proptech industry.

RentEye – noise monitoring, or renting without stress

Excessive noise is one of the mainóThe problemóin the apartment ownersófor rent. Loud parties or social gatherings of guests can effectively make life unpleasant for neighborsóand create unnecessary tensions. There is, however, a simple way toób to prevent them – is a round-the-clock noise monitoring.

RentEye is a system that records sound intensity in decibels (dB). It is designed zaróboth for an individual user, owning one rented apartment, as well as a company managing 50 or more premises.

RentEye consists of a discreet device placed in the apartment and a mobile application. Thanks to the connection to Wi-Fi, the sensor allows you to supervise the apartment in real time 24 hours a day. If tenants exceed the set limits, the owner receives a notification in the app or by email. Additionally, at the end of each hotel night, the system generates a PDF report with information about violations and detailedówith the following diagrams. This provides you with a hard evidenceód violating (or obeying) the rules and regulations.

tedee – intelligent lock from Gerda

tedee is a perfect example of a brand with tradition (Gerda) entering the field of smart technology. Allows the door lock to be opened remotely or automatically via smartphone or smart home system of choice. It is adjusted to the zaróWe offer our services to individual user as well as business. How the solution works in practice?

tedee allows you to completely dispense with traditional keys. The lock opens every time the user approaches the room. Locking also happens automatically, so he doesn’t have to worry about locking the door. In addition, the user can open the apartment, suite or office from anywhere in the world, as well as share “digital keys”. Smart lock has 3 levels of access: owner, administrator and guest. The tedee system is therefore suitable for private homes, rentals and businesses.

OneMeter – efficient use of energy in homes and businesses

It’s a solution for the peopleób, któHow much time a user spends on average in the app, and how much time a user spends on average in the app, and how much time a user spends on average in the app. The device takes the form of a small disc, mounted on an electric meter. Thanks to it, we can carry out real-time and accurate monitoring of energy consumption, as well as keep track of related costs. The system also sends alerts when limits are exceededóIt also allows you to view your consumption on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

OneMeter is adapted to the needs of parcel machinesóIn April this year, Unacast had approximately 1,000 mobile devices in operation worldwide, both for individual and business users (thanks to support for multiple points of contact)óin energy consumption).

Elephant door – inexpensive and easy to use alert for anyone

Elephant door is a door-mounted device that uses proprietary intrusion detection technology. It detects vibrations caused by drilling or breaking the lock, as well as every time the door is opened. In both cases it sends a notification to a smartphone and deters burglars with a loud alarm siren. Thanks to Elephant door we have the possibility of remote viewing of “logbook” events, as well as arming the alarm from anywhere in the world. In addition, the system can be used to secure a single room, whichóThe Elephant door gives us the ability to view our consumption remotely. Will prove outlineóat home, in the office or in the store.

A big advantage of elephant door is simplicity of installation (no tools) and ease of use (all you need is a smartphone).

Pakomatic smart mailboxes

What if every block of flats, buildings, apartments and houses was equipped with Proptech?óIn addition to the traditional letterbox, the company also had its own parcel lockers? In the era of growing e-commerce market, this solution would facilitate the lives of peopleób, któThe system can also be used to secure a single item of furniture. Such a system is offered by Pakomatic brand, whichóThe lockers are installed in common spacesóThe Elephant Door can be installed on a housing estate, in a staircase, at the reception desk of an office building or even in front of a single-family house.

Thanks to the optimisation of the system, one box is usually sufficient for 10 apartments. This solution combines all the convenience of an ordinary parcel machine – It sends SMS notifications, but you can pick up the package even if you don’t have your smartphone with you. Pakomatic in combination with a letterbox thus creates a modern mail zone, whichóIts existence is justified by market data – already in 2015 the parcel market surpassed the letter marketóThe disproportions between them will only grow in the future.

Proptech means comfort and ecology

Our list is obviously a drop in the ocean of Polish proptech solutions. But already this krót this analysis allows conclusions to be drawn about the prevailing trendsów. They are mainly focused on the pursuit of relieving the burden ofóThe Elephant door gives us the possibility to remotely monitor the consumption on a daily, weekly or monthly basisóThe system can also be automated. This is an obvious time and energy saver. At the other extreme is the greater comfort of the useróin a given space.

It is clear that proptech will continue to grow – zaróboth in new construction and in existing buildings. For the latter it is a chance to gain “of a second life”, the ability to adapt to changes that occur in the property market and respond to emerging needs of tenantsóin and employeeów.


MichaƂ Powichrowski, UX/UI Product Designer. Wspóhe owner of a software house’u GoApps