June 23, 2024

Amazon is adding more locations for grocery delivery

At the same time the applications received a new design for both iOS and Android. Currently, grocery shopping from Amazon can also be ordered by Seattle residents. Next step will be expansion to San Francisco – later this year. By the end of 2014, Amazon plans to launch shopping „same-day delivery” in twenty more locations.

You can also shop at AmazonFresh on the web. However, the latest update and communication of Amazon shows a huge emphasis on the functions and use of mobile’a. In the app, you can create and store shopping lists, check history, and find and buy products for a recipe.

An attractive addition to the app is a barcode scanner. Before throwing an empty package into the trash, we can scan the code and add the product to the shopping list to be carried out at the next opportunity. Great option for products we buy periodically.

Free same or next morning delivery is available for purchases as low as $35. App allows you to choose from over 500 thousand FMCG products. AmazonFresh service is available as a trial for Amazon Prime members for 90 days. Later, the e-commerce and m-commerce service will be available to users who pay a subscription fee of $299 per year.

Polish grocery stores are very slowly getting into mobile. What is more, not all of them enable online ordering. This shows a huge gap between the level of market development in the US and in Poland. In the U.S., most supermarkets allow you to order groceries to your home from your desktop browser. What’s more, major chains have popular mobile apps and are testing same-day delivery availability.

Why this trend is not visible in Poland? On one hand we may think that m-commerce in Poland simply does not work, because consumers do not buy this way. On the other hand, how is it supposed to work if the stores don’t offer such a possibility??

Personally, after visiting a clothing store and receiving the sad news that my size was missing, I reached into my pocket for my smartphone. I went to the store’s website (no mobile app of course), I wanted to see if I could order clothes. I probably could, but the e-commerce site’owa operates as a web application – obviously not tailored to mobile’a. Moreover, being in range of mobile internet, every movement on the website caused clipping, navigation was so difficult that I postponed shopping until I got back home increasing e-commerce statistics.