April 23, 2024

Cannes Lions 2022 – value festival

The most coveted statuettes in the advertising world have been handed out. Cannes Lions 2020/ 2021 passed under the sign of value marketing. It is difficult to find a job thatóre in some wayób they don’t appeal to targetsóin the zróof sustainable development and simply celebrate creativity by talking about the brand without próto engage her in changing the world. From technology to design, business transformation to the entertainment category, it is an important area for brandsóThey are campaigning on the side of values and speaking out for a cause. It is by far the most visible trend or rather „new normal” festival standardów – black lives matter, LGBT, ecology, socialównywanie nierósocial justice, róDiversity, women. These are the most talked about topics. This trend has been going on for several years and has almost completely displaced campaigns that are simply funny, cheeky, brilliantly idiotic, based on insight’a life experience not a bannerów.

The industry has found its new „raison d’etre’”, Is it bad that life-changing solutions are being created and we are becoming more sensitive to issues thatóWe haven’t noticed them yet?

My subjective list of 10 best campaigns of this year’s festival opens with works created on the basis of new technologies. The first one „Sick Beats” Woojer’a, combines music and technology to turn a cumbersome and tedious therapy into a patientóin cystic fibrosis patients into an exciting experience, full of fun and favorite songs. A special haptic vest thatóra literally makes your heart beat faster and thusób stimulates the lungs more effectively than the methods used so far, using a well-chosen playlist on Spotify. Thanks to the analytical tools of twóricians sifted through a multi-million dollar database of songsóin order to choose songs that broadcast at the right frequency of 40 Hz and give sick kids the opportunity to do what theyóvillagers around the world – breathing music. Fully deserved Grand Prix in Pharma, Audio and several other awardsód.

Another campaign, któthat harnesses technology for a good cause is the work of „Still speaking up. Deep truth” for Propuesta Civica created by the combined creative forces of the Mexican and Latvian Publicis. Twóhe campaign used deep fake technology to bring Javier Valdez, a journalist murdered by the drug cartel, to life and make him a hero in the fight for truth. Using existing video footage, they recreated the publicist’s persona and voice to allow him to speak out, to challenge the cartels and government policies, and to demand justice for the more than one hundred journalists murdered in Mexico for their próI’ll be there to expose corrupt practices. A Machiavellian and very moving idea – After all, you cannot put to death someone who is already dead. This is one of those campaigns thatóre shivers and changes the rules of the game. The campaign was awarded the Grand Prix by the jury of Cannes Lions for Good and gold in the Social and Influencer category. KLIK

A completely different tone offers the audience „Village Electrique Renault”. It’s an idea thatóry captivates with its freshness and lightness. How to overcome the biggest barrier to buying a caróelectric – concerns about their reach? It is enough to make all the inhabitants of a tiny village in the middle of nowhere, tens or even hundreds of kilometers away from a school, cinema or doctoróIn the, not coincidentally named Appy, they started to drive an electric Zoe. Entertaining, brilliantly executed, intelligent mannerób on the conviction of a skepticóin and warming up the image of the electric car. This story deserved a „Appy ending” and a rain of statuettes including the Grand Prix.

The hallmark of this year’s Cannes Lions, as well as previous editions, is the extraordinary care taken to ensure that the awards go to exceptional works, not only at the level of the insight and idea, but also the execution. Someómóbind that pandemic and time thatóThe winners were twóThe contestants, who had the opportunity to refine their concepts in detail, raised the bar even higher. A job thatóhe campaign is both artistically stunning and moving, touching on the most feminine of secrets and taboos Libress – #Wombstories. Craft top flightów – a beautiful, bold and very real communication platform, stunning on równi in all touchpoints. The combination of beautiful photos, illustrations and animations created by róof the artistsóinspired by the whole gamut of emotions, feelings and physical experience of the female body. Beautiful, bold and so close to the consumer, it’s hard to imagine a brand could show more empathy and understanding. Suffice it to say that the campaign was awarded in many categories and won the Titanium Grand Prix.

Perfect execution next to the ingenious simplicity of the idea itself and perfectly planned and executed PR are also the source of the campaignóthe source of the campaign’s success Moldy Whooper for Burger King – but so much has been written about it that its status as a festival sure thing was assured long before the jury deliberated and one could only make bets on how many statuettes would eventually end up in the hands of the authorów. KLIK

On the list „must see” This year’s festival is not to be missed rebellious Diesel’a, któwhich, as usual, goes against the current and breaks the schemes. While the whole world is figuring out how to reduce the environmental damage done by the clothing industry and harnessing technology to track consumeróin the recurring returns to the storeóWith graceful arrogance, Diesel encourages consumers to flaunt their undone labels before returning them to the store. The campaign was launched during fashion week and immediately won the hearts of consumersów not only with its perversity, but also with its modern and beautiful execution. No one can do it quite like Publicis Italy. „Enjoy before returning” – is simply a must see.

Just like „Francesca” Diesel’a – best made film about the challenges faced by transgender peopleób, whoóThe game cuts out all theóThe LGBT narrative of loss and suffering tells a story about the liberating power of making dreams come true.

The LGBT theme resonated strongly among theód jurorsóThe award was given toóAmong the works awarded with the Golden Lion are Feed Parade and „I’am” Starbucks’a.

Today, you can’t móntroduction of communication, not to mention gaming. Case’óThere are more and more gaming games every year and their authors have to be more creative to surprise the audienceóand convince the juryóin Cannes. Interestingly, games have become a very popular media touchpoint, but campaigns thatóThey are able to use it in an original wayób and surprise with a brilliant idea and performance there are not so many.

This year Grand Prix for Digital Craft has gone to Epic Games for „Astronomical” – Travis Scott’s music premiere’The game is set in the virtual world of Fortnite, whichóry has attracted over 28 million viewers in the game alone and has been watched by 158 millionów times on You Tube. The winner was a unique brand experience, emotions and stunning visuals. KLIK

The world of gaming can be hacked inóhacked in many different ways, provód? – Burger King and its action #Stevenage Challenge. Stevenage are a fourth division football team whoóthe game is sponsored by Burger King and therefore its logo appears on the T-shirts. Burger King challenges FIFA20 players – in exchange for completing specific tasks guaranteed a year’s free burger deliveryóIn order to do so, players had to nominate the world’s best footballers to play for Stevenage. And so the biggest names in football played with the Burgr King logo’without being paid for it. The effect – record-breaking reach and several awards at Cannes, including the Grand Prix in the Direct Lions category.

It is also worth mentioning a gaming campaign, whichówhich has stolen the heart of the useróThe game has won well-deserved awards, interestingly recruiting a completely new target group into the gaming world – fanóon the goóGaming. We are talking about the campaign Xbox „The Birth of gaming Turism”, któThe campaign was created in cooperation with a publisher specializing in guidebooks and the best photographers. It turned out that instead of a game you can successfully sell a destination and a travel service.

There is another noticeable trend worth mentioning – creating environmentally and user-friendly packaging. The jurors in Cannes appreciated the innovative, completely biodegradable and edible sachets by Notpel (KLIK), and a new bottle of deodorant as the best innovation of 2021 Rexona „Degree inclusive”– inclusive, convenient, and universal to use for peopleób with róThe game has been a success and has won well-deserved awards.

This year, for the first time, awards were given out in the category of Creative Buisness transformation. Awarded Grand Prix Transformation „Act for food” It is a comprehensive effort to improve the quality of food delivered and sold to consumers in Carrefour. The Golden Lion in this and several other categories went to „Contract for change” campaign to encourage farmersótion to the transition to organic farming.

This is a difficult category, because it is very complex, but certainly in the coming years we can expect interesting case studies and strong competition. KLIK

From the interesting proposals prepared by the organizeróAt Cannes Lions it is worth appreciating the opportunity to watch campaigns through the eyes of the juryóin, interviews, in whichóThe PSP solution has the advantage of being mass, especially from a business perspective, as it will not be easy to negotiate given the limitations of the interchange rates. From minusów – there is no chance to watch the awarded case studies for free, the inquisitive must take out a credit card or arm themselves with patience and look for winning campaigns in other ways.

To sum up, the big win of this year’s Cannes Lions is value-based communication, will this trend continue next year as well, will marketers manage to talk about the challenges wspóWe’re making a difference in the modern world in a new and profitable wayób? While some expertów is enthusiastic about the role of communication in shaping culture and attitudes, some jurorsóThe opening of the móThe CCO of Publicis Groupe expects that this is the time for brandsóIn the long run, real business goals can be achieved. Bruno Bertelli – CCO Publicis Groupe expects that now is the time of brands thatóThe jury members will focus all their efforts on making life easier for their consumers.

What to do to be reckoned with in the next year’s race for lion statuettes?

That’s the question marketers and creatives around the world have been asking themselves since Friday night. New technology, innovation and communication powered by big data are certainly in the price. And while there is no single answer, those closer to the coveted fame and acclaim are those whoówho break the usual schemes, think „out of the box”, They’re looking for new ways toóThey are faithful to their brand’s DNA, they can join forces in the name of an idea, and they do not allow themselves to compromise when it comes to execution. You simply have to be the best – one thing does not change, the greater the satisfaction when you hold the lion in your arms, which I wish for you and for myself.