May 26, 2024

Mobile applications for drone control

What until recently remained only within the reach of the armed forces, has now entered permanently into our everyday life. Unmanned aerial vehicles are currently stirring up a lot of emotions not only in the world, but also in Poland. W¶ród voiceóin approval on internet forums I have also met with negative opinions, resulting mainlyóThe fact that drones are perceived as „sky-high spies”. Meanwhile, those whoówho are fans of the landscapeów and spectacular images know that a drone offers fantastic opportunities for filming and collecting truly amazing footageówithout having to order a helicopter with a pilot or an aircraft.

The drone is always available, it is enough that it has a charged battery and is ready to fly under our controlóThe farther away the drone is from you, the more it will record your surroundings from a bird’s eye view. The device on whichóThe DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ controlled by mobile applications: for a smartphoneów – DJI Vision (iOS, Android) and on the tablet – Ground Station (iOS).

The device itself is equipped with a high-quality camera with built-in three-axis stabilization system that allows you to record perfectly stable footage in Full HD, and the 14MPix sensor gives a very high quality pictures. A fully charged battery is enough for 25 minutes of flight. The camera image is viewed live on the screen of a smartphone or tablet. Devices connect to each other via Wi-Fi.

The signal is amplified by a special Range Extender unit attached to the right góritten part of the transmitter. This means that the Phantom 2 Vision+ can fly at a distance of 700m and still send video back to your smartphone or tablet. The application is extremely useful not only because of the telemetric data it provides (it shows the distance from the terrestrial operator, as well as the altitude and speed), but also because it is a good example for the hotel industryóIf you are creating a typical tool solution, you can use the Naza-M V2 + GPSóThe bad thing is that it allows you to control the drone without having to look at it.

And what if our Phantom 2 „loses”, will lose connectivity or run out of battery in the góriver? Naza-M V2 + GPS automatic return to start function helps. The further the drone flies away from us, the greater the risk of losing communication. When this happens, the device will return to its original stateóci to supportóThe Internet of Things is the most important marketing tool for the Internet of Thingsó³, or will land in case of battery exhaustion.

Apps also allow you to remotely change camera parameters such as image quality, exposure, and white balance. It is possible to róalso synchronization via Wi-Fi of the contents of the SD card of the camera directly with the album in the phone.

Phantom 2 Vision+ may not be for everyone, there will always be enthusiasts of this type of device built at home. It’s also not an ideal solution for concernsóin movies, whichóre using dronesóin the upper class equipped with a battery that lasts much longer than 25 minutes. However, to shoot high quality sky-high videosófor the needs of smaller productions, it is a perfect solution. It is also a proofód on the fact that the use of applications for mobile devices is really very broad and versatile.