June 23, 2024

Google Assistant in Polish. Coming this week

Google officially launches a Polish-language version of Google Assistant this week. Is the virtual assistant, whichóry understands and reacts to the Polish language will make Poles love voice services?

Assistant marketóIn voice and related smart speakeróin Poland – in Polandóin the market for the assistant to the stateóin the United States, or Western Europe, or even China – practically does not exist. In the United States even every fourth household has a smart speaker. According to market analyses, Google Home or Amazon Echo speakers were among the most frequently purchased giftsóin Christmas 2018.

One of the reasons for the low popularity of smart speakersóIn Poland, so far their software (Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa) has not been adapted to the Polish language.

At the same time, despite this inaccessibility so far, many industries in Poland have been preparing to launch applications for their customers for a long timeów. Polish banks are working on applications for voice balance enquiries or transfer orders. Companies from the energy sector are working on the possibility of recharging the energy meter, and telecommunication operators on the voice purchase of top-ups to the phoneóin pre-paid. Many of these projectsóThe Internet is already in the testing phaseóin production, such as. Voice-activated phone top-ups, made available by Blue Media.

While it is not known when Amazon’s Alexa will be available, the number of business accounts has increasedóIt is already known that in the coming days Poles will be able to test the Google solution in Polish. Therefore, the works on Polish applications, whichóIf the number of active bank account holders is increased, the number of active bank account holders will increaseótce of speed. In the coming quarters we can expect an explosion of applications and voice services for Polish customersów. All the more so that a Poleów are characterized by the fact that they adapt technological innovations extremely quickly.

Although currently in the world of virtual assistantsów are most often used to check the weather and news and to play music and filmsóAs voice-based solutions become more popular and are implemented by more and more companies, we can expect them to be used more often to operate smart home devices or pay billsów. And it is in the field of smart home, voice services have the greatest potential for growth.