June 23, 2024

PLN 21 million net was spent on mobile in 2013

According to estimatesóZenithOptimedia the value of the advertising market in 2013 will reach PLN 6,367 billion net, down by 5.6 percent. from the spendóin advertising from 2012. In turn, at the end of 2013, in whichóAccording to the estimates and declarations of our clients, in 2016 theów allow us to make predictions growth at the level of 1.4. In 2014, the net amount of PLN 6,456 billion invested in advertising.

One of the mainómotoróin the growth of the whole market The growth will be driven by the internet, which will be the most popular advertising medium in the worldóry in 2013 aloneóThe share of mobile advertising will increase by 7.3., and in 2014 its growth will reach 12.2%., reaching the amount of PLN 2.36 billion net. Online advertising is growing thanks to three important segmentsów.

Firstly, thanks to the increasing expenditure on search engine advertising. Here we observe a kind of post-crisis decline. In times of austerity, marketers are shifting budgets from image-based to performance-based activities. In addition: even those marketers who are not interested in theómarketers who do not conduct activities calculated in the effectiveness model, are aware that the search engine presence is an important supplement to the activities in offline media’The share of mobile advertising in the total advertising cakeówith a strong focus on TV advertising. We expect these trends to continue next year.

Secondly, social media. Currently, it is difficult to find a marketer whoóIn addition, even those marketers who do not implement campaigns in this channel or at least do not plan them. The percentage growth in this segment is not as spectacular as in mobile’but róThe share of mobile video viewers in this segment has also reached several dozen percent.

Third – and probably the most important – mobile. Although mobile is still the most popular segment for 1–2 percent. expendituresóon internet advertising, It is recording growth dynamics unprecedented in the world of mediaów. According to global estimatesóZenithOptimedia In 2016, the share of mobile advertising in the total advertising cake will reach 7.7. outpacing the spend in radio, print and outdoor. On the Polish market we are still far from these values, but we can clearly see the growing fashion for mobile among theód marketeróin the segment ofóof all industries – which is very satisfying. ZaróBoth media houses and specialized agencies are building their competences in the field of mobile and online advertisingóIn the first half of 2011, the media marketers discussed the role of mobile in the media-mix.

In Poland, a significant problem is the methodology of measuring these expendituresóin whichóIn fact, it does not exist. Industry reports – e.g. IAB does not include mobile apps in its advertising spendingóThe IAB is the largest provider of mobile video in PolandóThe most important elements of mobile advertising areów: First of all: expensesóThe second largest percentage of the market is spent on mobile applications and their promotions, which, in my opinion, is underestimatedóThe majority of advertisers use mobileóIn the second place, there are the SMS/MMS advertisements, whichóDespite appearances, mobile is and will continue to be used in the future.

Taking into account the estimates IAB móThe number of mobile apps sold in the U.S. is by 1 percent higher than in the U.S. The share of this channel in 2013 would reach the amount of PLN 21 million net. In my opinion, this value is underestimated, Taking the above shortcomings into account. An important element, whichórgoóspending in foreign advertising networks is also lacking, in whichóof which mobile applications are most often promoted.

According to our estimatesóThe growth rate of mobile advertising in 2014 will be maintained, butóThe scale of growth can be estimated within the limits ofóin this segment. The scale of growth can be estimated at 85 percent. – 150 percent. depending on the adopted measurement methodology.