June 23, 2024

Application or mobile website? What to consider when asking this question? Cz. 1 (infographics)

How often do you meet people whoówho have long since chosen that they want an application, or that they want a page? „Because the competition has one, so do we”. And how do you know if your competitors have made the right choice? What it did?

Asking yourself what to think about when choosing between an application and a mobile website may determine the success of your venture. It is a good idea to start by choosing with your head. Póthe cost of the change increases significantly.

What to look for? Someóre factors thatóThe following infographic illustrates the simple rule that bigger is more important:

This is not a definitive list, but rather a set ofór factorów that have so far weighed on the choice of technology in our projects.

In the first place, what so far does not give much choice – whether the application will need native functions, such as taking pictures, or image processing? Or Augmented Reality?

Or maybe it simply follows from the strategy that it is unconditionally required to be present in the App Store, which sometimes happens… – These factors clearly define – Application. And what about those less obvious factors?

How many times, or how often, the viewer has to interact via mobile? Looking at the purpose of the mobile channel through the prism of „levelóin the abstract of the message”, If you are creating a tool-typical solution, whichóre and so requires from the useróThe application will probably be convenient for themóIf the user has a mobile device (which they will often return to and perform operations on it), the application will probably be convenient for them. What if the purpose of the user will be occasional inquiry. A good example is the hotel industry: If a user, representative in terms of the target group, visits the hotels of a given chain only a few times a year, he will not necessarily want to have an application to browse the offer of seasonal discounts or photos of the spa interior. This is not a definitive list, but rather a set ofóWe are aware of a user who has a loyalty card, whichóry lot of travellingóThe signal is amplified by a special Range Extender unit attached to the right hand side.

In the second part of this post I will try to explain the more technical factors worth considering when thinking about – whether a website or an application.