May 25, 2024

China – mobile player no. 1. Is it worth it?

Tim Cook’s apology to Chinese customersóat Apple are impressive. All the world’s media reported about them, because China is a huge and specific market, whichóand its global importance is growing rapidly. In this context, the decision of Apple’s chief executive should not surprise anyone.

– We recognize that a lack of proper communication has led to a situation whereóApple is perceived as arrogant and inconsiderate to consumers. We sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding resulting from this – wrote in an open letter to Chinese customersóApple chief Tim Cook. This is the result of criticism of Apple that appeared in the Chinese media. It was caused by unfair treatment of there customersóin which he boiled down to the fact that Apple – as is customary in other countries – does not replace in the Middle Kingdom defective iPhones’óin total.

Apple’s apology coincides with the news coming out of China. Flurry analysts announced that at the beginning of 2013 there was a change in the leading position in the ranking „of the biggest marketsóin mobile”. Flurry presented data from whichóThe following are indications that China has become the largest global player. The company estimates that the Chinese market already has 246 millionóIn the United States, the number of mobile devices running iOS and Android is 230 millionóin devices. The data presented is quite reliable, as Flurry is a global provider of statistical and analytical solutions for twórcóin mobile applications. The scale and position of the brand is evidenced by several numbers: 275,000 are tracked by them daily. applications from all over the world, and nearly 100,000. companies use the company’s solutions.

What is the significance of this change??

The mobile wave is getting deeper and deeper and it will be rather difficult to stop it now (if anyone was still counting on it). Solutions massively used by consumeróin the U.S. are róApple is perceived as arrogant and inconsiderate to consumers. The role of the U.S. is unlikely to be shaken, it’s where you can still make money, but you have to remember that already at the moment 2/3 of mobile application sessions takes place outside the USA. Therefore, the role of this country on a global scale will rather slowly but steadily decrease.

The search for global leadersóin mobile

Flurry has prepared a róThe second chart, however, I am still wondering whether it is real. What puzzles me is such a small number of devices in countries like Japan, Brazil or Germany, or in ogóThe lack of such countries on the listósuch as. India. In these countries, the number of usersóin GSM is counted in tens of millionsów. Germany, for example – about. 53 million, Brazil – about. 70 million, which is quite modest. As you can see, the mobile wave is not rónotably deep.

Personally, I think that prestige-wise it would be better if the USA was still the world’sówka mobile’a. The trade war between the major economies being played out on mobile, about whichóThe change, which can be heard on the occasion of Cook’s apology, can only do harm. RóAlso because of how big the gap is between the China/US tandem and the rest of the pack – assuming there is some truth in it – It is worthwhile, for everyone’s sake, to see a greater proportion of the leadingówka vs. peloton.

The App Map

An interesting próhe global mobile market is characterized by a global map „The App Map”. The map shows the top 30 mobile economies in the world, whichóThe mobile market has been divided into groups. The name of the category, in whichóEuropean economic powers (Germany and France). Flurry assigned them to a category „Lumbering Giants”, któThe number of mobile devices sold in the U.S. should be understood as „clumsy giants”. It can be seen, however, that the mobile wave is not everywhereóNorthern Europe has adapted much better to the new reality. Sweden, Great Britain and Denmark are today the pioneers of mobile „Mobile Pioneers”. Unfortunately, Poland does not appear anywhere on the global scale – we do not exist?