May 26, 2024

Mobile banking on the right track

According to a NetTrack survey conducted by Millward Brown, we currently have approx. 18 million Internet usersów, It turns out that 62% of all Internet users use the Internet. Poleów use the internet. „Using” The number of Internet users who use the Internet a few times a week, spending several hours in front of the computer. There is certainly a large group of productionób, któPolish customers have access to the Internet, but they tend to use it only occasionally or only when they need to. Is access to an online bank account enough motivation for them? I think so, since according to the Association of Bankóin Poland (ZBP) published in the NetB@nk report At the end of 2013, 22 million Poles had access to online bankingów. This result is comprised of the number of all online banking contractsów with individual customers, where they have access to online banking.

Internet banking more popular than the Internet itself

As can be seen from the poróThe number of Internet users is growingów and number of customersóin online banking, the popularity of the latter is much greater than the potential number of customersów.

The NetB@nk report also determines the number of activeób using of online banking, including mobile banking at approx. 12.5 million. This number is even higher if we additionally take into account 1.1 million business accounts (MSP). It is worth mentioning that since 2010. The number of smartphones and smartwatches is growing steadily year by yearób actively using mobile banking access.

Poles appreciated and liked new possibilities offered by banks. Experts agree that the rapid growth in the popularity of internet banking in the Polish society is a result of combining convenience and time savings with preferential conditions in a single serviceóin financial.

Mobile banking or internet banking only much better

In the first period of development, mobile applications banków were supposed to provide a complete solution, a solution successfully replacing the Internet service. Providing typical transactional banking functions known from the „of a large WWW” However, it no longer makes a big impression on anyone. Mobile inspires and provides new opportunities – Here are some examplesóexampleów.

It is definitely worth removing the barriers of traditional banking often moved to WWW like. the issue of signature. Many banking services are still run using traditional „signature in a branch”. Meanwhile, the smartphone opens up new possibilities for fast and convenient communication with the bank. An inspiring example is the latest application of Meritum Bank, where setting up an account is based on sending a scan identity card.

On the other hand, thanks to PUSH notifications and geolocation, the recently refreshed mBank app sends me notifications about offers of its partneróin retail stores located in my area or in the place where I am currently staying. It is interesting that informing about the nearest ATM or available funds on the account does not require logging in there – such functions do not exist on a dekstop, but in mobile we can find them in many applications, including, for example, ING once introducing it as one of the first.

BZ WBK app is an interesting direction of expansion of the bank’s application offer. Bankers are doing everything to make us leave our wallets at home. We want to withdraw cashóIn the United Kingdom, the British Bankers Association (BBA) reported a doubling of mobile transactions during the year „withdrawal without a card”. It will certainly be appreciated by people such as. We can combine data with a phone, where there is usually no room for a wallet in a sports outfit.

But mobile banking is above all a chance to introduce new solutions into the systemóin bank. We can combine data, whichóon the one hand we have the largest number of contactless cards in Poland (in 2013 it is about one million), on the other hand the smartphone opens new possibilities for fast and convenient communication with the bank.

Getin has introduced facilitations from the financialów and everyday life – receipt storage functionóand combining them with transactions in the bank. Thanks to the snake login it has simplified the daily use of the bank – The feature is almost intuitive, as it is already known from the smartphoneów. Getin is also one of the Polish banksów, where you can use your phone to make róincluding mobile payments.

Mobile payments – new promised land banków

Growth, new smartphone modelsóin, ogóhe growing number of active users is still positively influenced by the feeling of securityóin online banking. However, there are big question marks about the further stages of development. The key aspect among theóhe most frequently appearing limitations of mobile banking are still the mobile payment system. Solving this problem is becoming a priority for banksóThanks to this, their „Banks on the phone” will become a tool for róWe want to use the mobile phone to pay, and not only an extensive transaction service known from the Internet banking.

There are even opinions that the virtual wallet is nowadays like the Holy Grail for them. This is because everyone wants to have it. Not only banks, but also telecom operators recently building virtual solo wallets and to spóWe want to make mobile payments a reality for our customers, as well as for telecoms companies and card operators led by Visa and MasterCard.

The payment market is interesting in that, on the one hand, we have one of the largest numbers of contactless cards in Poland in Europe (in 2013 there were about 20 million of them!). On the other hand, for example. in Q3. 2013 saw a decline in the number of credit cards. Additionally, in the fourth quarter of 2012, the. In 2013, for the first time since the beginning of 2012, the number of payment cards decreased, which puts us far behind the European standardsóin this area. That is why mobile is becoming a way to popularize cashless paymentsóbank’s priority. This direction is confirmed by the information coming from the most developed marketsóin Europe. In Great Britain British Bankers Association (BBA) informed about doubling of mobile transactions within a year. Currently customers in the UK carry out already 5.7 million transactions a day using smartphonesóand other mobile devices!

bank solutionsóin and other subjectóIf adopted, they will give mobile banking another strong impulse for growth, at the expense of traditional banking done in branches, and even at the expense of online banking. And users with less and less time will gain another solution for fast and secure payments.