June 23, 2024

The wily one loses twice. Part 1

Despite the dynamic changes in technology, the choiceór solutions for publishing on tablets is a strategic decision. The consequences of choosing the cheapest one without analyzing its capabilities will be felt for a long time.

Whether you’re talking about content creation on tablets with a big twóWhether you are a software developer or a computer science student developing your own solution, it is worth asking each of them the same questions.

1. Capabilities

One of the magic wordsówhichóre accompanying the evolution of the press is multi-platform, The ability to create content for distribution and sale on devices that run on ródifferent operating systems. The standard is iOS, Android OS, and the new OS is the App Storeótce Windows 8. If the solution you are considering supports only iOS, or more precisely iPad, I invite you to the next part devoted to m.in. updates and development of the tool.

2. Content production

If we want to give a chance „new press”, we should create editions to be viewed on mobile devices. read online „scanów” printed editions is a sport for the persistent. One of the publishersóin whichóhe technology I work with has left a choiceór solutions for graphic designers. A very reasonable approach, because no one tying the future with the company will choose a solution któwhich makes it difficult for him to work. In the content production layer, the most popular solutions are based on InDesign, in whichótandard graphic designers work with every day. More complex effects should be an extension of its functionality and not require programming.

Remember that you are choosing a platform to work on, the more intuitive and understandable it is, the simpler and quicker it will be for the whole team to implement.

3. Building an application

This is usually a new scope of obligationsóin for the IT department, although more and more often project managers and even graphic designers themselves are responsible for preparing applications. The process of creating content and building applications should not require contact with either a programmer or twóhe solution provider. Each of them can support the process, but making the team independent is the key to success.

4. Kiosk support (iOS)

A solution thatóThe solution you choose should support this function. Kiosk or Newsstand is a special place dedicated to press titles, whichóvia the App Store, are sold by subscription. Kiosk is in fact a graphically and functionally different presentation of an application thatóThe standard is iOS, Android OS, and Android OS. Press titles have been róThe press releases are stored and separated from other apps, and newly purchased releases go straight into this folder. When a new issue appears, Kiosk automatically downloads the current cover of the magazine and informs the owner of the device about the availability of the issue.

5. Hosting

For hosting – wherever you buy it, you have to pay. As long as the most popular platforms (App Store, Google Play) do not provide hosting for multi-device applications, releases must be hosted by the publisher. There are two schools. First – the integration of hosting in the solution, although it involves a fee for each download, provides a guarantee of reliability. TwóThe solution rca takes full responsibility for the performance of the hosting, and readers can download releases efficiently.

Second school – the possibility of connecting external hosting, which requires additional integration steps, a guarantee that the service always works and, of course, fees. There is also a third school, in whichór and theóhe developers of new solutions declare to cover the cost ofóin hosting, but along with the number of titles maintainedóIn terms of data transfer rates, these costs will continue to grow and sooner or lateróThe costs will be later passed on to the client, i.e. the publisher. Remember that you have to pay for hosting regardless of whether the edition is paid or free. The printing house also does not ask the publisher about the cover price and does not depend on the costóin print from its amount.

6. Analytical tools

If you want to get to know your audience betteróIf you want to know your audience better, you need a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the releases you distribute. Schools as above – two. Statistics, integrated with the chosen solution or the possibility of connecting external. Regardless of the option chosen, it is a great value and for the authoróin the textóIn the case of the curb-side pickup, the advertiser has the option to deliver the goods to the car parkówhichóYou can provide data on the number of contactsówith „article” including most often „activated” by the reader of the effects of.

In the next part, rónessential, „After-sales services” i.e., upgrades and the development ofój tools or a guarantee of an unchanging sales model.
Last but not least – A reference list and opportunities for advertisersów.