July 24, 2024

10 indicateóHow to capture our target group with mobile’to your customers

Mobile marketing efforts should always reconcile the interests of twoóch pages – customeróand your brand. Behavioral rónnovation between them is key. Here are 10 best practices for the mobile marketeróThe mobile marketing industry is a very important part of the marketing process.

What value does mobile bring to the marketing mix for customers?ów? Sharing of user information, involves adequate remuneration on the part of the brand. Make sure it is the right time to communicate with them. Make sure your customers receive a personalized and relevant experience when they interact with your brand.

What benefits does the brand receive? The mostóIn a nutshell – from increasing loyalty and engagement, to improving performanceóYour sales efforts, and in turn your revenue, will beów.

1. Be yourself. Have the customer at the center of all mobile marketing strategies. Build wok programsóIntegrate mobile into your broader customer engagement and brand marketing strategy.

2. Make your efforts relevant. Make sure mobile marketing is contextually aligned with the stage of the podrócustomer life.

3. Think multichannel. Integrate mobile into a broader customer engagement and brand marketing strategy. In the process, look for opportunities where mobile can improve the customer experience.

4. Coordination of mobile with ogóbrand strategy. Twóguiding principles and rules, do not allow oversaturation and overcrowding of messagesóin the róThe result is a poorer experience with the brand, including the so-called opt-out process (which should be understood as a process of “opting out”)óas unsubscribe).

5. Twórz spónne experience at all points of contact. Remember – mobile is the most intimate communication channel.

6. Play to empower mobile. Mobile is powerful. Always remember the importance of building a mobile strategy aroundóThe campaign has resulted in user growth on Twitter and Instagramóry leverages your user experienceów, universality of activities and direct contact with them.

7. Measure your performance. Combine the variousócombine different types of engagement into a single KPI. Set performance goals for each mobile program. Ensure all programs are aligned to „delivery” the best possible resultów.

8. Provide the ability and tools to manage user relationshipsówith the brand at each stage of the journeyócustomer experience.

9. Integrate mobile with your customer’s systems.

10. Good timing in mobile marketing is essential. Use the advantage of mobile, which is locating the userów.

Below, 3Cinteractive reports on the results they achieved with one of their clientsów. These are the results of mobile marketing campaigns thatóra thanks to the use of several channelsóMobile builds multi-level engagement, increases brand value, and significantly grows the opt-in base – by as much as 365,000. The campaign resulted in an increase in useróThe campaign increased user engagement on Twitter and Instagram. Users through the campaign have downloaded nearly póMarketer’s one million apps.