April 23, 2024

To run or not to run – It is easier to navigate with a few wordsów about jogging apps

The weather recently got a bit better and brought runners out to the trails. For many, jogging is the most enjoyable way to improve their fitness and figure before the summer season, especially if the right trainingóespecially if the favourite mobile application helps to choose the right workout. Personally, I have yet to run for the first time, but I have already tested a few tools that we canówhich could make this moment even more pleasant. I also asked the usmartfonized fellowsóThe most attractive in my opinion is adding the dates of next trainingsóI recommend testing it for running readers.

The undisputed leader in the popularity ranking is Endomondo.

The app uses your phone’s GPS to track and memorize your jogging route (or any other sport that you may want to do)óNike+ is a little more modest in terms of the interface itself, but it is definitely an advantage, because the most important features have been brought to the surfaceóre we burned. There are more settings, but I choose these. Connecting Endomondo with our Facebook account, we can observe the routes of our friends, share the results on FB and supposedly hear cheering if someone appreciates our efforts. However, so far I have not been able to test this functionality. The app remembers workouts and their parameters if we are close to beating our recordsów, encourages to further effort. I also like that the app automatically pauses if you stop running. Very nice tool, the only drawback is inaccuracy of mapped routes and sometimes distortions in distance travelled. However, for amateurs like me it doesn’t bother. However, if someone takes the measurements more seriously, the app may not meet their expectations.

Looking at the interface, however, I definitely liked Nike more+.

The application is nicer, more readable and easier to navigate. In terms of functionality we have here a similar package as in the case of Endomondo, but prepared only with runners in mind. Nike+ is a little more modest in terms of the interface, but it is definitely an advantage, because the most important functionalities have been brought to the surface. The most attractive, in my opinion, is to add the dates of subsequent trainingóYou can choose one of them (me, the other one). In my case, it is not only motivating, but also simply allows you to better organize your time. Nike + directly also supportóIt works with iTunes on your phone for instant access to music on your device.

RunKeeper also looks interesting. I haven’t even come across this application before, but I already noticed a very interesting and helpful functionality. MóYou know when you have a day off and exactly which workout to do that day. You choose one of them (I tapped Marathon;)), sign up for it and the application immediately schedules your workouts for the next x weeks, depending on your goal. You know when you have a day off and exactly what workout to do that day. It is like having a personal trainer in your phone :-).

I also came across a tool created by Adidas called miCouch Running. To work with the application, the manufacturer recommends the Speed_Cell receiver is adapted to butóin Adidas, whichóry according to the manufacturer accurately monitors speed, acceleration, distance and pace, flawlessly synchronizing data with the computer. I guess you can run and unplug in your shoes, however looking at this app I prefer któany of the above. Although the miCouch is signed by the Adidas brand, the interface is neither attractive nor polished to me. For the curious – In the App Store I see more miCouch applications tailored to other types of sportsów.

These are probably the four most interesting of the fourteen I watched. Worth a tryóbing may still be Runtastic (opró(Available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone as well as Blackberry and Bada) – although browsing the forums did not have the best reviews when it comes to route tracing, as well as the Strava app, whichóra originated from a cycling appóHowever, it also serves runners, as I can see the headónot in the USA.

These are my personal opinions and suggestions and what do you use? What do you recommend?