June 23, 2024

10. App Store birthday – the most popular apps of all timeów

For the useróin a productóApple’s July 10, 2008 is a special date for the launch of Apple’sólna – On this day the App Store turns 10 years old. On the occasion of the round anniversary, it is worth seeing whichóre apps are the most popular apps of all timeów.

2 million vs. 3.8 million

At first thoughtóLet us see how the situation looks like today. Analysts at App Annie report that we use an average of 40 róof other apps, devoting about 3 hours a day to them. Choiceór is huge. At the beginning of the App Store there were about 500 apps available, now the store offers more than 2 million apps. This is still less than what Google Play has to offer – 3.8 million (as of the first quarter of 2018, sourceósource: Statista). This is related to the.in. with more stringent conditions in the App Store, whichóhe application must meet the requirements to be admitted to the store. However, despite the fact that iPhone owners’ów download far fewer apps than Android device owners, it is they who spend more money within apps (2018 – 66% iOS, 34% – Android).

In someóhe regions iPhone users’óThe most popular apps of all time in the App Store, which statistically have more than 100 apps installed (France – 114, Indonesia – 113, while in Mexico – 89). As cfóhe number of installed apps, with the average number of apps used per month (40), we can see that we use only half of them. It is often the case that we install a given application under the influence of a specific impulse, e.g. need to check the bus timetableóin a specific location. Such application pówe usually do not uninstall any more.

Games account for just 31% of all iOS device app downloads. 71% of money spent on apps in the App Store is spent on them or through In-App Purchases. When it comes to the largest markets, the United States leads the way zaróBoth in the number of downloads and in terms of the amount of money spent on apps. In the first tróhe tops in both categories are róalso China and Japan.

There is a constantly growing number of applications, where more than 10 million are spentódollaróin a year. There were about 60 such top apps in the App Store in 2012, in 2017 – already 564. This is a real leap! App Annie predicts that the trend is upward and there will be even more such apps.

The most popular apps of all timeów

In the category „Top Games by All-Time Worldwide Downloads” in App Annie’s report, all of the apps listed in the ranking are free with In-App Purchases capabilities. The most popular game here is Candy Crush Saga. W ogóle most of the games on this list are typical arcade gamesówkami. This category includes the runner-up Subway Surfers, as well as Minion Rush or two editions of Temple Run. The iconic Angry Birds is only at 7. place.

Players left the most money in the history of the App Store in Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga, Monster Strike, Puzzle & Dragons, Honour of Kings, Fantasy Westward Journey, Game of War – Fire Age, Fate/Grand Order, Clash Royale, Pokémon GO. We can see that someóre games are present in both rankings, e.g. Candy Crush Saga or Clash of Clans (leader in „Consumer Spend”).

The most important list, the list of ten most downloaded apps of all timeów, opens Facebook. Looking at the ranking, we can say that the most successful ever are dedicated social networking applications (FB, Instagram), messenger applicationsó(FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, WeChat, QQ, Skype). Google maps is an exception. All the applications mentioned above are free.

The top app in terms of money spent is the Netflix platform. In this list there is róThe current competitor of Netflix, i.e. HBO Now. Number two is Spotify. The others are Pandora Radio, Tencent Video, Tinder, Line, iQIYI, HBO Now, Kwai and QQ.

At the end

It is interesting to cfónformation about applications in whichóWhat users were most likely to leave their money on in 2010 and in 2018. None of the applications from 2010 is in this year’s list. The moral of the story? The market is changing, and the current leaders may be completely different in a few years. Who knows maybe in the future we will see a Polish application, whichóra will crash the system and climb to the top. This is what I wish for you!