June 23, 2024

„Near me” (near me) as a new trend in mobile marketing

The phrase „near me” (near me) is proving to be a very important piece of information for advertisers in theów – writes Google’s vice president of. marketing in America Lisa Gevelber. If people are searching for something nearby, it’s a clear signal of purchase intent.

Already last year, Google noticed that users were rejecting any location qualifiers, such as zip codes or neighborhood names, when searching locally. Powód is mundane – they assume that search results using a smartphoneóin will be automatically linked to their location.

„Close to me” is no longer just about finding a specific place. It is about finding a specific thing in a specific area and at a specific time. Search by phrase „near me” The Internet of Things (IoT) has grown in the last two decadesóyears by as much as 500% – reports Google.

The phrase „near me” (near me) is used when you search for a restaurant or gas station locally. His data shows that over the last twoóIn recent years, dealer search has increased by 200%óin cars near me and by as much as 600% for women’s clothing (most often dresses).

Over the last twoón the last few years, mobile search has increased by 150%órkach phrases „…near me now” (for example „food near me now”, „gas station near me now” i „delivery near me right now”).

Search phrases have increased by 900% „near me today / tonight” for example „cheap hotels near me tonight” whether „movies playing near me now”.

Phrase searches have increased by 200% „restaurants near me now open”, „stores nearby are now open” i „now pharmacy near me”) .

Here and now

Today’s impatient customers expect things when they need them – now. Trend „near me” It therefore fits into the so-called micro moments, about whichówhich we wrote about extensively last year.

Micro moments (so-called. Micro-Moments) which is a type of behavior thatóThe trend of mobile users being constantly on the move and online.