May 25, 2024

Change is good – revolution in iOS 7 operating system on iPad

From now on – it is no longer the same iOS as before. iOS 7 – it is a completely new phenomenon in the mobile worldóin operational. Of course, as it usually happens, there are those whoóThere are people who like it, and there are those whoóThose who complain a lot about the flattening of the design and the new look. This happens every time you change the look of Facebook.

Of course, all the trinkets such as bulges, metal imitations, light reflections, etc. have disappeared, but also the size, proportions and, above all, the look of icons and other details have changedółów. They are now clearer, cleaner, more transparent.

Many elements have appearedóin póThe icons and other special details are now transparent, with a blurred screen wallpaper in the background. Head screenóThe mobile web changes color to match the wallpaper, and so do folders. Icons appear to hang over the wallpaper, even though the effect has been removedóin convexity.

There are new animations: opening and closing the programóin, group folderów have new functionality – dive into. You can go into a group, and then into a deeper group created in it, and into another and another. Opróthe wallpaper is moving – depending on how you move your hand while holding iPad – you can say that it floats. On the home screenóThe mobile wallpaper has been moved to a new locationóSpotlight search engine.

The notification center has also been changed. It is still enough to swipe your finger in the dóThe icons feel like they’re hovering over the wallpaper despite the fact that the effect has been removed to open them, but there’s a lot more information than before. We have here the calendar, meetings, weather, stock exchange. The second tab is notifications – standard as in previous versions.

Icons in iOS7 whichóhave changed

New is the Control Center that slides out from the bottom of the screen. Multiple waspsóThis is what we expected, because from here we have access to Airplane Mode, WI-FI, Bluetooth, Mode „do not disturb“, screen rotation, screen backlighting, music or movie playbackóThe new features in Panorama, Audio Adjustment, AirPlay and AirDrop services. The last one is a novelty – is used to transfer a fileóThe new app was designed to allow the user to share images and videos between synchronized devices. There is also a flashlight, clock, calculator and camera.

Another news is the automatic updating of apps in the App Store. No more need to remember about manual update which for many osób will certainly be very handy.

After the update, it has become noticeable changes among theód programóThe applications offered for the Apple operating system. The largest manufacturers of popular applications have replaced their flagship programs and changed the róalso the icons, bringing them more in line with the look of the new iOS.

Another cool feature is the tab „Near Me”. It automatically searches for programs related to the location in whichóWe’re on – e.g. apps for movie theaters, coffee shops, and officesóin urban.

When we get to the camera app, new possibilities in photo quality open up to us. We have here the camera applying filters in real time while taking a photo, which we already know from Android. We also have the ability to take photos in a square, which has long had Instagram, but we also have the option to take continuous photos – just hold the shutter icon longer and the camera will start taking photos one by one.

Changed the photo and video gallery applications. Photos are automatically divided into smaller collections – The system segregates them by date and place where they were taken. Also in photo editing we have photo filters available.

The Safari browser interface has also been changed. We have here white stripes instead of metal, wspólne for address and search text field, tróa dimensional preview of tabs, as well as preview of tabs opened on other devices which can be viewed thanks to iCloud synchronization.

Apróthe appearance of the Siri assistant has been improved speech recognition, as well as the control of other functions. FaceTime functionality is extended to include voice calling, so you don’t have to turn on video calling when you don’t need it.

Working on an iPad running iOS 7 is fun and very intuitive. In my evaluation of the new operating system I am in favor of all the changes that Apple has proposed. It is a great step forward, the design is chasing the latest trends amongód graphics on mobile devices, a perfectIt will be very handy to match it to the hardware that is under the hood of our iPadsóand iPhone’óThis is the key to success. I am sure that after the wave of criticism that this system is facing, graphic designers and developers will start to imitate the solutions used in iPads and iPhones. This can already be seen on the behance we are onówhich many designersóIn the new iOS, many designers offer their own interpretations of the new iOS icons and apps, whichóre seem to be very spówith the new direction set by Jonathan Ive.


Lukasz Grondecki. Owner of PAGE Interactive agency, Creative Art Director. It deals with designing innovative solutions in mobile application and web design. I have been designing for more than 11 years now, wspóhe worked with the largest advertising agencies in Warsaw. Speaker at the Warsaw Interactive Tools 2013 conference. As an expert in interactive marketing, he speaks frequently for medióin traditional Panorama, Brief, Telix.en. Takes care of róincluding photography and the creation of circlesótic videosóin the advertising.